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9/15/2018 at Salina Highbanks Speedway - Salina, OK

A Modifieds
The 6th Annual Sooner Showdown, now one night only but jam-packed with great racing action! The Touring Outlaw Modified Series will headline the program while all other divisions wrap up their NASCAR points season. PLUS double features in the AmeriFlex B-Mods with the makeup race from 9-8. Prices $15 for adults $12 for seniors (62+) $5 for kids (6-12) $25 for VIP $35 for Pit Pass ($30 w/ NASCAR license) Times Pits Open at 3 pm Grandstands Open at 5 pm Hot Laps at 6:30 pm Races at 7 pm

Tyler Wolff

A ModifiedsStartFinish
A Feature 121st
Heat 1Time: 173.01941st

A Modifieds

A Feature 1

25 laps | 00:00:00
12Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W
23Mitch KeeterWebb City, MO1
312Triston DycusMaypearl, TX14T
410Randy TimmsWheatland, OK5T
514Troy TaylorMidlothian, TX56
64Ca NixLawton, OK34N
79Kyle SchmidtLowell, AR10
87John YeomanJoplin, MO84
915Joe DuvallJustice, OK91
1013Johnny Bone JrPea Ridge, AR12
118Patrick GoodnightFort Gibson, OK2G
1219Chris HuckebaMidlothian, TX2C
1320Treyton GannPonca City, OK7
141Bo DayGreenville, TX4
1521Danny VealPrinceton, TX5X
1622zzzzCharlie zzzSmith5C
1711Jason HilliardCache, OK07
185Brett HansenFt Gibson, OK7H
1917Mike WroblewskiMuskogee, OK1W
206Jason HughesWatts, OK12H
2116Jonathon BeyerInola, OK13
2218Michael WalkerMcAllen, TX134
2323Dillon AnglumMt. Pleasant, AR100

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:07:32.337
13Johnny Bone JrPea Ridge, AR12
22Joe DuvallJustice, OK91
37Mike WroblewskiMuskogee, OK1W
45Chris HuckebaMidlothian, TX2C
51Mickey LassiterPiedmont, OK34
64Barry GiffordPonca City, OK35
76Dillon AnglumMt. Pleasant, AR100
88Michael PageJoplin, MO23
DNS-Michael CamarilloWebb City, MO777
DNS-Jimmie WilliamsDenison, TX82

B Feature 2

12 laps | 00:12:16.253
12Troy TaylorMidlothian, TX56
23Jonathon BeyerInola, OK13
31Michael WalkerMcAllen, TX134
46Treyton GannPonca City, OK7
54Danny VealPrinceton, TX5X
69zzzzCharlie zzzSmith5C
7 (DNF)5Billy Jack BrutchinGladewater, TX78
DNS-Grady SmithOakhurst, OK112
DNS-Allan BeattyChandler, OK98
DNS-Jamie HibbsChoctaw, OK91X

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:53.019
14Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W
22Patrick GoodnightFort Gibson, OK2G
36John YeomanJoplin, MO84
45Joe DuvallJustice, OK91
58Troy TaylorMidlothian, TX56
67Billy Jack BrutchinGladewater, TX78
73Treyton GannPonca City, OK7
81Michael PageJoplin, MO23

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:05:37.738
11Bo DayGreenville, TX4
22Triston DycusMaypearl, TX14T
33Mitch KeeterWebb City, MO1
47Jason HilliardCache, OK07
58Johnny Bone JrPea Ridge, AR12
65zzzzCharlie zzzSmith5C
74Mike WroblewskiMuskogee, OK1W
86Allan BeattyChandler, OK98

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:05:13.367
15Brett HansenFt Gibson, OK7H
22Kyle SchmidtLowell, AR10
33Mickey LassiterPiedmont, OK34
44Jonathon BeyerInola, OK13
51Barry GiffordPonca City, OK35
66Dillon AnglumMt. Pleasant, AR100
DNS-Jimmie WilliamsDenison, TX82
DNS-Jamie HibbsChoctaw, OK91X

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:06:20.100
12Jason HughesWatts, OK12H
27Ca NixLawton, OK34N
34Randy TimmsWheatland, OK5T
46Michael WalkerMcAllen, TX134
51Danny VealPrinceton, TX5X
68Chris HuckebaMidlothian, TX2C
7 (DNF)5Grady SmithOakhurst, OK112
8 (DNF)3Michael CamarilloWebb City, MO777

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