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5/28/2021 at Rapid Speedway - Rock Rapids, IA

A Modifieds: USMTS - United States Modified Touring Series
Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for ages 12-16, $10 for ages 6-11 and FREE for kids 6 & under! A pit pass will be $40 for everyone and the A-Mod registration will be $175. Schedule: Pits Open: 4:30 PM Grandstands Open: 5:30 PM Driver Registration Cutoff: 6:15 PM Pit Meeting: 6:20 PM Hot Laps: 6:45 PM Racing Starts: 7:30 PM Drivers can call 712-472-2067 if they will be arriving after 6:15 to get put into the lineups. If you arrive after 6:15 and don't call ahead, you will be put at the back of a heat race.

Tyler Wolff

A ModifiedsStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 1141.119197th
B Feature 1Time: 222.34854th
Heat 3Time: 303.32686th
Qualifying 3Time: 19.09838th

A Modifieds

USMTS - United States Modified Touring Series

A Feature 1

40 laps | 00:18:51.494Presented by Summit Racing Equipment
13Jake O'NeilTucson, AZ0
25Rodney SandersHappy, TX20
37Lucas SchottChatfield, MN69
46Dan EbertLake Shore, MN60
510Johnny ScottLas Cruces, NM1ST
64Will KrupMt. Carmel, ILK19
719Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W
89Terry PhillipsSpringfield, MO75
913Jason HughesWatts, OK12
1018Jesse GlenzChippewa Falls, WI89X
1114Tanner MullensWichita, KS02
1216Dereck RamirezWoodward, OK4R
1311Dustin SorensenRochester, MN19
1415Jacob BleessChatfield, MN21
1522Landon AtkinsonLittle Falls, MN18A
1612Tyler DavisHaysville, KS65
1723Zack VanderBeekNew Sharon, IA33Z
1817Brooks StrengthRaymond, MS444
191Trevor AndersonWatertown, SD20T
208Lucas LeeParis, TN12L
2120Jayson GoodWatertown, SD85
2225Carlos Ahumada Jr.El Paso, TX65X
2326Chris ClarkJackson, WY8C
242Cory MahderElk Mound, WI55
2524Darron FuquaMayetta, KS87
2621Lance MariEl Centro, CA19SB
2727Nathan HagarAdair, OK99

B Feature 1

12 laps | 00:03:39.066Presented by Real Racing Wheels
11Jason HughesWatts, OK12
22Jacob BleessChatfield, MN21
33Brooks StrengthRaymond, MS444
45Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W
510Lance MariEl Centro, CA19SB
66Darron FuquaMayetta, KS87
79Nathan HagarAdair, OK99
87Duke EricksonSioux Falls, SD57
911Chris ClarkJackson, WY8C
108Cody ThompsonSioux City, IA25C
114Carlos Ahumada Jr.El Paso, TX65X
1212Curt MyersCameron, WI1M

B Feature 2

12 laps | 00:05:50.483Presented by Real Racing Wheels
11Tanner MullensWichita, KS02
22Dereck RamirezWoodward, OK4R
33Jesse GlenzChippewa Falls, WI89X
44Jayson GoodWatertown, SD85
55Landon AtkinsonLittle Falls, MN18A
67Don Gerritsen JrRock Rapids, IA27
76Brandon GivensWichita, KS2G
89Matt JeratowskiMadison, SD1J
98Nick SchmidtFlorence, SD14
1012Kylie KathClaremont, MN83
1110Zack VanderBeekNew Sharon, IA33Z
1211Justin VoeltzHartford, SD22

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:23Presented by Simpson Performance Products
11Dan EbertLake Shore, MN60
22Cory MahderElk Mound, WI55
34Terry PhillipsSpringfield, MO75
43Tanner MullensWichita, KS02
55Jayson GoodWatertown, SD85
67Landon AtkinsonLittle Falls, MN18A
76Don Gerritsen JrRock Rapids, IA27
88Matt JeratowskiMadison, SD1J

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:22Presented by Fast Shafts
12Lucas LeeParis, TN12L
21Trevor AndersonWatertown, SD20T
35Johnny ScottLas Cruces, NM1ST
44Jason HughesWatts, OK12
53Carlos Ahumada Jr.El Paso, TX65X
66Darron FuquaMayetta, KS87
78Duke EricksonSioux Falls, SD57
89Nathan HagarAdair, OK99
97Chris ClarkJackson, WY8C

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:58Presented by Edelbrock
11Lucas SchottChatfield, MN69
22Will KrupMt. Carmel, ILK19
35Dustin SorensenRochester, MN19
43Jacob BleessChatfield, MN21
54Jesse GlenzChippewa Falls, WI89X
68Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W
77Cody ThompsonSioux City, IA25C
86Lance MariEl Centro, CA19SB
99Justin VoeltzHartford, SD22

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:05:35Presented by MSD
11Jake O'NeilTucson, AZ0
24Rodney SandersHappy, TX20
32Tyler DavisHaysville, KS65
43Dereck RamirezWoodward, OK4R
58Brooks StrengthRaymond, MS444
66Brandon GivensWichita, KS2G
77Nick SchmidtFlorence, SD14
85Zack VanderBeekNew Sharon, IA33Z
99Curt MyersCameron, WI1M

Qualifying 1

16Terry PhillipsSpringfield, MO7516.699
25Tanner MullensWichita, KS0216.912
32Cory MahderElk Mound, WI5516.943
49Dan EbertLake Shore, MN6017.122
58Jayson GoodWatertown, SD8517.236
61Don Gerritsen JrRock Rapids, IA2717.358
73Landon AtkinsonLittle Falls, MN18A17.513
84Matt JeratowskiMadison, SD1J17.641
97Kylie KathClaremont, MN8317.641

Qualifying 2

12Jason HughesWatts, OK1216.914
23Carlos Ahumada Jr.El Paso, TX65X16.962
38Lucas LeeParis, TN12L17.090
46Trevor AndersonWatertown, SD20T17.131
57Johnny ScottLas Cruces, NM1ST17.155
64Darron FuquaMayetta, KS8717.299
79Chris ClarkJackson, WY8C17.401
81Duke EricksonSioux Falls, SD5717.639
95Nathan HagarAdair, OK9917.894

Qualifying 3

11Jesse GlenzChippewa Falls, WI89X16.906
27Jacob BleessChatfield, MN2116.946
38Will KrupMt. Carmel, ILK1917.057
45Lucas SchottChatfield, MN6917.065
54Dustin SorensenRochester, MN1917.102
69Lance MariEl Centro, CA19SB17.277
76Cody ThompsonSioux City, IA25C18.117
83Tyler WolffFayetteville, AR4W19.098
92Justin VoeltzHartford, SD2219.098

Qualifying 4

15Rodney SandersHappy, TX2016.777
23Dereck RamirezWoodward, OK4R16.995
37Tyler DavisHaysville, KS6517.036
44Jake O'NeilTucson, AZ017.128
52Zack VanderBeekNew Sharon, IA33Z17.239
68Brandon GivensWichita, KS2G17.402
71Nick SchmidtFlorence, SD1418.900
86Brooks StrengthRaymond, MS44418.900
99Curt MyersCameron, WI1M18.900
13th Annual USMTS Rapid Rumble!

5/28/2021 - 13th Annual USMTS Rapid Rumble!

Tonight the USMTS will take on Rapid Speedway with $10,000 on the line! This is the start of a 3 night Memorial Day Weekend as well. We have had some great USMTS races here in the past with only Rodney Sanders managing to find vic...

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